Jason's Outdoor Services LLC


Be the envy of your neighbors   

Jason’s Outdoor Services 2019 Mission Statement

In 2006 when founder and current owner Jason Gross started cutting grass, he started out simple. The truck was a lawn tractor, the trailer was a garden wagon and the operator was a determined young man. Jason quickly started the business with 5 lawns and simple equipment while only in grade school. Over the years he has rapidly grown the company  with one objective in mind. To simply provide the best services for the best price. Within a few years he grew the company into what it is known for today. Simply amazing, with quick, friendly reliable services. There's a reason why J.O.S has dominated  Beverly Hills alone and it's simple. Everyone wants to have the best looking lawn and landscape. 

Most companies only do lawn and seasonal jobs, but here at Jason’s Outdoor Services we want to expand our service opportunities to help elevate your property to its highest potential. We’re not your average company, we are a company of locally sourced, young, and promising talent. Our company goal is show your properties full potential. Our mission is to go above and beyond any other services offered, and do this in such a way that guarantees 110% satisfaction from customers.


**Count for 2017 properties serviced**