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J.O.S Community Outreach 

Hi, I'm Jason Gross the Founder, Owner, and Chief Executive Officer at Jason's Outdoor Services. a little over a decade ago i founded this company when I started out mowing only a hand full of neighbors in Beverly Hills, now we have Thounsdands of satisfied clients  in South East Michigan. While the local community has helped the company grow, we have decided to return the favor in many ways. J.O.S has made contributions to the Local Boys Scout Troop, Churches, Halloween Hoot, and the annual Beverly Hills parade. 

   Back in 2006 was when I founded Jason's Outdoor Services starting out the hard way. A mower, wagon, weed whacker, blower and only a few block radius. Servicing only 15 accounts back in 2006 which now has grown into the well over 200 weekly lawn maintenance accounts and nearly 400 square miles of coverage area,  we have retained many of the same 15 customers that decided to switch more than 13 years ago which goes to show how superior our services is to the competition. 

Jason's Outdoor Services is a community partner through multiple events. We start by Helping our men and woman fighting overseas for us by providing yearly lawn care at absolutely no charge to their families directly.  

J.O.S helps out our hometown community of Beverly Hills by assisting in events such as B.S.A Troop 1024,  Memorial Day parade, Halloween Hoot, and during times of need when mother nature brings downed tree limbs that obstruct traffic. 

Are YOU  interested in joining the team???

Here at Jason's Outdoor Services we are looking for hard workers who love the outdoors and are willing to work in any condition this mean Michigan weather throws at them!

 Contact us today to join, Application can be found below.  


E-Mail: Jasonsservices48025@gmail.com

Although young, we have proven to be much more efficient than our competitors; we are always on time and thoroughly professional, not to mention the wonderful work we do that has led to our great reputation. As a team we have worked to ensure our work remains second to none.

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