Jason's Outdoor Services 

Lawn, Leaf, Snow & A Bit More...

Be the envy of your neighbors   

We get it. The name that's on the sign on your building, by the road, at the entrance to your subdivision or to your parking lot. It means a lot to the owners who established that company or the community it represents. So shouldn't your property represent the same thing?

The grass should be mowed every week paired with perfect patterns in the lawn. The beds around your property should be weed free with gorgeous landscapes and beautiful colors. The parking lots and common areas should be snow & ice free in the winter to insure safety among your team or your community. 

Here at Jason's Outdoor Services, our name is important to us as well. That's why we treat your property like our own. Our team shows up in uniform with clean red trucks to properly represent our company. So let's take a look on what else our team can do for you. 

Weekly & Monthly Services 

Every week we start by putting a fresh set of blades on each and every mower in our fleet. We are able to perform all this while offering lawn cutting, string trimming, debris removal weekly and edging concrete bi-weekly with our state-of-the-art lawn equipment.  

Irrigation Services

When it comes to watering your lawn and landscape it can become hassle, making sure everything is being watered properly throughout the seasons. We offer a service plan from the time of start up in the spring to winterizing in the fall. Contact us today to see how we can help! 

Snow & Ice management 

When it comes to Michigan winters we all know that it can be very brutal and hard to predict. Here at Jason's Outdoor Services we have the technology, man power and equipment to make sure your property is safe and operable everyday. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Mulch services

Definition and contrast is critical to making your lawn and landscape appealing. A proper dressing to your landscape beds is important to help prevent weeds, give nutrients and color. Contact us today to begin services! 

Landscape build and design 

Art is an important, everyday element in our society. That's what landscaping for your property is. Art. Here at Jason's Outdoor Services we are able to craft your landscape into something that attracts clients, makes your H.O.A a home, and helps improve employee moral in the office space. When the office looks great, the employees feel great! We specialize in courtyards, front entrances and islands. 

Bush Trimming & Weeding 

Regular bush trimming and weeding is essential part to  beautiful property. Overgrowth of weeds, bushes, and trees are a huge eye sore to a property. Our team is devoted to make sure your property is looking beautiful at all times with the right services plan.