Jason's Outdoor Services 

Lawn, Leaf, Snow & A Bit More...

Be the envy of your neighbors   

~Weekly Services~ 

J.O.S is devoted to finding new ways to better serve you. Every week we start out by putting a fresh set of blades on each and every mower in our fleet. We are able to perform all this while offering lawn cutting, string trimming, debris removal weekly and edging concrete bi-weekly with our state of the art lawn equipment. All while wearing bright red uniforms to easily identify a member our team

~Property Maintenance Services~

We all love Autumn and Spring; the scents, food, and the unprecedented beauty of the trees changing colors. However, as the season nears its midway point those beautiful leaves fall onto your lawn. Most people are too busy with family, work, football, baseball and other Fall, and Spring favorites to clean up their lawn. That's where we come in, your neighborhood lawn pros. We have the equipment and the technology to quickly and efficiently remove each one of those pesky leaves from your yard. 

Our Hourly labor charge is $45/ man hour. We offer off-site disposal of leaves! 

A typical seasonal cleanup starts at just $175 and includes:

  • Cleaning out flower beds and bushes
  • Picking up sticks and leaves off the lawn 
  • Trimming all perennials
  • Haul away of debris

Pictured is one of our trucks with our leaf vacuums.

This truck efficiently sucks up the leaves that we have removed from your yard and hauls them to a certified recycling center.  

Are you a do it yourselfer? You can blow the leaves to the curb and one of our vacuum trucks can come by and suck up the leaves and haul away.  Contact us for pricing. 

~Mulch Services~ 

Mulching, makes any yard look complete. Not to mention it's great for fertilizing and water retention for your plants! And our mulch doesn't smell like the farm. 

Mulch installation starts at $63/per yard installed plus a $60 delivery fee

Want spread it yourself and just need the product? No problem! Mulch starts at just $20/yard plus delivery fee which varies depending on location. 

Call Today for free samples! 

Fact: On average one normal bag of mulch at the hardware store is two cubic feet. It would take about 14 bags of mulch to equal one cubic yard