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Be the envy of your neighbors   

In 2016 we plowed over 50 properties every snow fall ranging form industrial lots, church's, school's and shopping plazas  for commercial and many different sized residential lots. All commercial properties where plowed and salted within three hours and all residential plowed within 10 hours of the end of the storm. This year we are making it even better by investing more into snow and ice equipment. In 2014-2015 we successfully made it through while filming a commercial to show our passion for our customers and how well we maintain our equipment. We are currently in the works for a 2017 video but we are low on the snow. A companies equipment says a lot on how well they treat their customers property.   

Every year in Michigan, we are plagued by an assault of snow storms and with that the use of sidewalks and driveways can be treacherous. Last winter, many of our competitor's contracts with clients included a clause stating that after a certain amount of snow their deal would be void and you would have to pay a new price per snow fall. Here at Jason's Outdoor services we aren't fans of ideas and swindles like that. We would hate to see you get trapped by your own driveway just as much as we would hate to see you get swindled into overpaying for snow removal, and our track record supports that!

     Last year every single one of our snow removal customers saw their driveways plowed within 12 Hours of any snowstorm. According to the advance weather systems they expect even MORE SNOW in 2017-2018 winter! Jason's Outdoor Services team will be on 24/7 standby when we hear about any winter storms and we understand everyone needs to be able to get out and about whether it's to work, school, or to the sledding hill. Every one of our clients is a top priority and we have the biggest baddest trucks and equipment around when it comes to snow.

We make it simple by marking your driveways and sidewalks in November to ensure top notch quality. Along with driveway plowing, we remove every bit of snow off of sidewalks and walkways too. As a neighborhood company we don't need to travel far, insuring fast and high quality removal. We are just a snowball's throw away at 14 Mile Rd and Southfield Rd.

We offer a wide array contracts agreements to help people during the brutal winter; all contracts have a minimum of 2 inches of snowfall or greater. We also offer the option do a seasonal rate or a per plow rate while completely insured.

Any commercial accounts are more than welcome to give us a call too!

We also offer salting/ice melters (Non-Salt based) to all of our accounts. 

 When choosing a snow company, choose a company that cares about their clients not just profits, choose Jason's Outdoor Services.

Emergency Services Available Contact us for details